Serves 2 people

2 x 150g salmon escalopes, skinned & boned
1 bunch of Norfolk asparagus
2 oranges
1 dessertspoon whipping cream
1 glass white wine
125g butter, cut into chunks, chilled

·         Boil the trimmed asparagus spears until tender.

·         Pan fry or grill the salmon escalopes.

·         To make the sauce, segment the oranges, keeping some segments to one side for garnish.

·         Squeeze the juice into a small saucepan.

·         Add the wine to the juice and bring to the boil, boiling rapidly until the volume has reduced by half.

·         Add the cream, bring to the boil.

·         Add the chilled butter.

·         Shake to amalgamate all the ingredients.

·         Place the salmon on top of the asparagus.

·         Pour on the sauce, decorating with the orange segments.