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Gluten-Free Cookery with Steve Thorpe

Steve has more than 45 years catering experience both cooking and teaching, and has had a huge influence on the Norfolk hospitality trade, inspiring generations of enthusiasts to cook. Recognised with the prestigious Outstanding Achievement Award at the Norfolk Food and Drink Awards in 2013, we are absolutely delighted to add Steve to our team.

Diagnosed with coeliac disease in his mid-50s almost six years ago, learning to live without gluten came as a shock and a culture change. But quickly, he discovered that his diagnosis had given him newfound vigour in the kitchen as he began developing new recipes and adapting the popular dishes he’d always loved.

Now students at the Richard Hughes Cookery School can benefit from Steve’s expertise with a range of classes designed to help those who live without gluten get the most out of the food they eat. Bid adios to baking failures and bread that feels like a punishment rather than a delight and welcome a whole new way of cooking with confidence!