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David Clayton's Parade of Puddings

If you think profiteroles, a slice of gateau or ice cream constitutes a pudding or, worse still, you’re one of those people who, when it comes to the last course of a meal says, “Oh, just coffee for me,” you'd best not come along to David’s Parade of Puddings. This is a night for serious pudding lovers ... people who savour something steamy, spongy and sweet with lashings of creamy custard! Join BBC broadcaster and 'proper pudding lover' David for this special evening alongside The Assembly House team who will serve up a dozen or so proper puddings.

Rules of the Pudding Club: you can return to the dessert table as often as you wish as long as you eat everything in your bowl before each visit! Puddings will be individually announced and paraded in with due ceremony - you can then vote for your favourite!

There’ll be a main course or two, but all that really matters is that you leave plenty of room for what’s really important: pudding!

Date: Wednesday 13th November 2019

Time: 19:00 (pm)

Price: £28.00